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Our professional translators are native speakers

We live up to our promise of an outstanding service by assigning each job to a team of experienced translation and localization specialists. We make it easy for companies to work in multiple languages in any subject. Fast, reliable and at an affordable price.

Meet the Cross Border Translation team

CEO & Founder

Joel Van Valkenhoef

“The CBT core team consists of a carefully selected group of highly skilled and motivated language professionals, all focused on meeting our clients’ every need.”

Head of Project Management and Quality Control

Sabrina Seserman

“In the process of managing your translation project, we prioritize quality and emphasize your needs, striving to meet your expectations from start to finish.”

Lead Editor

Gabriel Adams

“Our editors take great satisfaction in a well-performed editing job, in making sure that every text is clear, readable, and perfectly presented from start to finish.”

Head of Marketing

Angelina Kumar

“The best part of my job is discovering time and time again how much individuals and businesses benefit from the services we provide.”

Head of Asian Operations

Brent Adams

“At Cross Border Translation we know no borders, and Asia is a wonderful market to establish our translation services offer!”

Project Manager

Chau Thi Minh Vo

“The linguistic and cultural diversity of my colleagues at CBT and our many language specialists fully reflects the multilingual and multicultural nature of our services.”

Our professional track record

Over 10 years of experience have brought us to where we are today – a global translation company with a vast network of translators, editors, copywriters and other language specialists; not to mention: hundreds of satisfied customers.

CBT - translation and localization services

“We deliver excellent translations through our consistent, high-quality standards, and the careful selection of the right translation specialists for each job.”

Joel Van Valkenhoef - Founder & CEO


How can I request a quote? Is it free?

It’s simple – just click on “Order Translation” in the right top corner of the site, fill in your information and we will get back to you promptly. Requesting a quote is free and does not carry any obligations.

How do I know that your agency is reliable? What are the guarantees?

Cross Border Translation has a long track record of satisfied clients. We are happy to provide you with examples of work we have delivered and testimonials from our satisfied customers. We guarantee that we will not be satisfied until you are.

How is the price of a translation calculated?

At CBT, we start with our standard translation rate for a particular language combination. Rates may differ according to the language combination, expertise and deadline. We then analyze the source text for repetitions and offer discounts that take this into account. We also offer discounted rates for repeat jobs and jobs with large volumes. We will always provide you with the total price and wait for your confirmation before starting on your project.

How do you quote for express delivery (rush jobs)?

We charge an express delivery (rush job) rate for jobs that our translators or project managers have to do outside their usual work hours, for example in the evening, weekend or on public holidays. This could also apply to jobs with very short deadlines. Pricing depends on the timing requested.

Is your team able to handle translations in any language?

At Cross Border Translation we work with in-house translators as well as a vast network of certified professional translators and other language specialists around the world. Through a careful selection process we choose the language specialists best suited to your specific needs.

What is the payment process? Which payment methods are accepted?

Shortly after we deliver your project, we will send you a quote for our services. In some cases we will request full or partial payment in advance. We accept payments through bank transfer and Paypal.

Are there any minimum order restrictions (in volume or price)?

We charge a minimum of USD 60 (approx. EUR 50) per project to cover the cost of the people and resources involved in any project, big or small. This minimum does not apply to texts sent as updates to an ongoing project (i.e. a project that has been accepted, but not delivered yet).

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