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The CBT team will ensure that your project is fully tailored to your requirements. Meeting and frequently surpassing your expectations is our ongoing priority, and we are sure you’ll love working with us.

Next to language translation services, we provide text services in any given business fields, such as marketing, academic, legal or technical. Discover more about our translations and other services in this section.

Ready to get started or looking for a customized quote? Just click on the button below to get in touch!

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Cross Border Translation has been providing high-quality, professional translation services for over 10 years. Our customers consider us the best certified translation services for their needs, as we work hard to deliver top quality translations, and customize our services to meet their specific requirements. Would you like to know more? We welcome you to browse our client list and read our testimonials.

Cross Border Translation is synonymous with the global community. We have earned our keep by delivering global translation services with the highest professional standards. With our track record of providing translations in over 50 language combinations, we have accumulated the global language competence you need.

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By choosing Cross Border Translation you can rest assured that your project will run smoothly and your requirements will be met.

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