Copywriting, editing and proofreading

Grammar checking, editing and proof reading
of your translated texts

At Cross Border Translation, we do more than just translate.  Our linguists are also highly skilled at improving your existing copy or other text, and even writing them from scratch!  Find out more below.


This can apply to both a directly written text or to an existing translation. We are happy to look over your document, copy or other text, and make small but crucial changes, for instance in the area of grammar, punctuation, spacing and layout.



Is your text in need of more extensive improvement? Let our specialists take the work off your hands. We are here to edit and improve your document, copy or other text, taking an extensive look at grammar, style, layout, context, message, and in the case of a translation: source text. Your text will be fully adapted to your target audience, and on the basis of the following principles:

– We ensure that the original message of the text is preserved and enhanced where necessary, but never changed.

– We only make changes to the style where necessary, and avoid your text becoming someone else’s text.

– In instances of editing translations or texts written by non-natives or non-specialists, we exercise extra care to ensure the right terminology and style is used for your target audience.


Looking to really save time? Then why not let us write your text for you? Our highly skilled, experienced and specialized copywriters are ready to create the writing content you need, whether in a single language or multiple languages, for your document, publication, newsletter, website, you name it. We do so in close consultation with you, at the start and throughout the project, to ensure your intentions and requirements are fully understood and implemented.

You can rest assured that our team of professionals will take the utmost care when writing, editing or proofreading your text.


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