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Translating, editing, checking and writing texts

Business Translations

We live and work by the principle that a translation is so much more than a simple conversion of text from one language to another, but rather that language and culture are inextricably linked. The same is true for commercial and business translations. To ensure your success in the international market, we at Cross Border Translation closely examine your text in the context of the target audience and culture.

Our business translators deliver commercial translations that take into account the differences in cultural and business norms between countries and regions. We rely on the expert knowledge and experience of carefully selected local commercial translators to ensure that all your business translation needs are met.

Cross Border Translation
business translation

Legal Translations

Legal documentation must be watertight from start to finish to ensure that no misunderstandings, contradictions or loopholes arise during disputes. Legal translations require the careful selection of the right legal translators. Whether it involves legal translations of regulations, official contracts or other documents, Cross Border Translation works with legal translation specialists who are well-versed in the applicable legislation and are familiar with the correct legal terminology.

Medical Translations

Medical specialists deal with life and death on a daily basis, making crucial decisions each day that drastically affect their patients and demand the utmost care and precision in all areas. This includes, of course, their written medical texts. From diagnoses to prescriptions, from hospital protocol to nursing requirements, from clinical studies to surgical guidelines, the medical translators at Cross Border Translation know that their work is an extension of the crucial work of medical doctors, researchers and staff, and that every medical translation must accurately reflect the meaning and intention of the medical texts they are translating. Cross Border Translation works exclusively with top medical translation professionals who are experienced in medical terminology through their strong links to medical practice and research.

business translation
business translation

Subtitling Services

Subtitling has been around almost since the start of the moving picture and is still growing in popularity. Hiring a subtitling specialist like Cross Border Translation for your video translation needs allows you to easily share your audiovisual media with an international audience in a cost-effective way. This means you no longer have to create a new video from scratch or hire expensive voice actors to dub the spoken text in your video. Cross Border Translation delivers high-quality professional subtitling services that meet all of your requirements. We take care of the subtitling process from start to finish: simply submit your video file to CBT and let us do the work. In no-time, we will deliver a subtitled version of your video.

Looking for subtitling in multiple languages? No problem! Ask us about the possibilities and we’re certain we can deliver the multilingual video subtitling services you need.

Interpreting Services

In addition to our wide range of written translation services, Cross Border Translation delivers professional interpretation services, also known as spoken translation, on a regular basis. Our professional translators deliver their spoken translation services at events, business meetings, information sessions, during interviews and presentations, for large audiences and in smaller groups, for example during a one-on-one meeting with a potential client who does not speak your language. Hiring the right interpreter is a crucial factor in effectively reaching your international audience. We offer both consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting. Consecutive interpretation is when the interpreter waits for the speaker to pause before providing a spoken translation to the audience. Simultaneous interpretation is where the interpreter provides the spoken translation at the same time as listening to the speaker, without the need to pause or ask for additional information.

business translation

Simultaneous interpreting is usually done using specialized interpreting software, while consecutive translation uses no additional software. A good example of simultaneous interpreting is the translation that takes place in the European Parliament, where each presentation is translated simultaneously into all 24 of the official EU languages through specialized interpretation software.

Naturally only the best of the best are able to offer truly effective and accurate simultaneous interpretation, and we are proud to have such top-notch interpreters in our database. Feel free to ask us how we can meet your interpreting needs!

Other Translations:

In addition to the above-mentioned categories, Cross Border Translation delivers translation for a wide range of other sectors, including, but not limited to:

· Agriculture and Horticulture

· Charities and Non-Profit

· Environment

· Government

· Healthcare

· Human Resources

· Industry

· IT

· Life Sciences and Sustainability

· Marketing

· Tourism

Our translation services and editing services include:

· Advertisements and Marketing Campaigns

· Blog writing and blog translation

· Book translation (fiction and non-fiction)

· Exam translation

· Translation of tests

· Translation of terms & conditions

· Translation of manuals

· Newsletter writing and newsletter translation

· Translation of presentations

· Questionnaire translation

· Translation of rules and regulations

· Speech translation

· Sworn translations and certified translations

This is just a small selection of the many areas and ways in which Cross Border Translation’s specialists provide excellent service.

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