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Academic Writing Translations

We translate papers, courses, and more

Cross Border Translation has extensive experience in handling academic writing translations.

We are proud of our long-term collaboration with various academic institutions. We have gained a broad understanding of the perspectives of students, lecturers, professors and other academics.

Our language specialists understand the context of academic writing translation and have a linguistic and cultural background in the targeted language. This combination helps to ensure that the academic writing translation is accurately represented.

ademic writing translations
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Academic institutions have entrusted us with projects such as:

Annual reports
Academic essay proofreading
Academic studies
Conference papers
Confidential documents
Course and programme guides
Dissertations and Master’s theses
Internal communications
Lectures & speeches
Medical research studies
Newsletter translation and editing
Regulations and guidelines
Research paper grammar check
Scientific reports
Syllabus translation and editing
Other academic translations

Complex texts handled with ease and accuracy

Various academic and scientific institutions, such as Radboud University Medical Center and Wageningen University & Research, regularly entrust us with a variety of academic, medical and scientific translations. As complex as these texts may be, our specialized translators and editors handle them with ease and accuracy.

We also edit academic, medical and scientific texts, ensuring that these documents meet the required academic language standards.

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