Third in a series of interviews with CEO and founder of Cross Border Translation, Joel van Valkenhoef.

‘Since I started translating for educational institutions, I’ve seen a pronounced change in Dutch universities. They’ve shifted from being exclusively Dutch to being very focused on becoming bilingual, and by bilingual I mean Dutch and English, and in some cases going all the way to being fully English to where everything needs to be in English.

‘You find that even now, if a university is not bilingual, it’s not moving ahead with the times. Certain universities are way ahead. When I started, for example, the Delft University of Technology was already fully bilingual, whereas Radboud wasn’t at that time. They are now, however, rapidly catching up, and most other Dutch universities are catching up as well.

‘Some universities are truly international and go a lot further by providing translations of their web sites into a lot of other languages. Some more exotic like Chinese. If you go to the Wageningen web site, you’ll see that a lot of their pages are in Chinese as well. They, therefore, attract a lot of students from that part of the world.

‘And this trend toward being bilingual is gaining momentum all across Europe.’

– Joel van Valkenhoef